This page is about Lily's first story, 'XtimesX My Tainted Or Pure Love For You'! Any details or any information about the story, or is related to the story can be found here.

Story Details Edit

  • Summary Plot

Seira Akiko is gifted with many talents, even beauty. But somehow due to her gifts... She receives something from out of this world. Her 'power' was used back in her old school. But it seems that she have been forced out from her old school. One of the reasons that she also wanted to move out there because...

Seira's past was full of suffering and pain. A boy her age helped her overcome these things. She fell in love with the boy. But it seems something shocking made her heart broken. And with that, she disappeared after the week. Will she meet him again? Or will she meet someone new and start over?

>>Status: On-going (Ever since November 12, 2014)

>>Genre(s): Fantasy, Harem (Reverse Harem), Romance, School life, Supernatural, Shoujo


>>Story Chapter(s)

Chapter Number & Title

Chapter 1: The Transfer Student 

Chapter 2: The 'S' Butler and Seira's Future

Chapter 3: The Prince 

Chapter 4: The Country of Australia

Chapter 5: The Wonders of Australia 

Chapter 6: The Start of the Love Triangle

Chapter 7: Seira's Feelings

Chapter 8: The Bonbi Beach, and Sydney

Chapter 9: Seira's Answer

Chapter 10: Seira's First Kiss

>> To See More Chapters Ahead, Visit Here! <<


Seira Akiko (Akiko Seira)

Ceru Aoi

Akira Yuki (Yuki Akira)

Shii Yuki (Yuki Shii)

Gen Yuki (Yuki Gen)

Ren Yuki (Yuki Ren)

William Smith

Arata Akihiro (Akihiro Arata)

Reina Furuta (Furuta Reina)

Other Characters Edit

Akiko Family

Seira Akiko (Akiko Seira)

Ceru Aoi

Eri Akiko (Akiko Eri)

Hiro Akiko (Akiko Hiro)

Teachers of the Hoshi Tomi Academy




Hana Schwertz

Smith Family

William Smith

Isabelle Smith

Herry Smith

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