This page is about Lily's third and her very first short novel, 'My First Love'! Any details or any information about the story, or is related to the story, can be found here.

Story Details Edit

Summary Plot

A Very Short Valentines Special Story!

It all started at 5 friends, Aileen, Adeline, Victoria, Harry and Brandon. Aileen, is a very sociable girl, who doesn't want to experience love and get hurt, suddenly meets Alexavier, a new friend of Harry and Brandon's. Aileen has the same interest as Alexavier's, reading books and also knowledgable, although, Alexavier doesn't want to associate with others, the complete opposite of Aileen. Will Aileen get along with Alexavier?

>>Status: On-going (Ever since 2015)

>>Genre(s): School life, Romance


>>Story Chapter(s)

Chapter Number & Title:

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

>> To See More Chapters Ahead, Visit Here! <<

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