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Here, you can see the information's of the stories that Lily (I) have created, including the chapters of the story itself! You can type the story name with the object name that you want to search, however, if you couldn't find anything about the information you want to know, scroll down!

Who is Lily Rainne?


Lily Rainne's Photo on her Gaming Youtube Account.

Lily Rainne started off making a Youtube Account for gaming in June 3, 2013, and makes video's about gaming. After 1 year and 6 months (18 months), she started to do her own novels, by making XtimesX My Tainted or Pure Love For You as her very first novel, and her My First Love as her first short novel.

She plays games such as, (Oldest Games ~ New Games) Cosmic Break, Pokemon (Different Kinds of Versions), Internet Games (No download), Plants VS Zombies, Babyran En4 [PH], Celestia Luna Online, Elsword [PH], Onigiri, iDate, Love Beat, and Aura Kingdom. There are many more kinds of games that she will add in the future.

What Kind of Life Does She Live Before Starting Her Youtube Channel (And her Author's Life)?

Before starting her own Youtube Channel, she was just a student in middle school, and a gamer for about 4 years before starting her channel, playing the old game we know, Pokemon and some old random games, internet or non-internet games, and she pretty much lived a random normal life of a gamer.

Before starting her own Author Life as a student, she red a manga named 'Watashi ni XX Shinasai' featuring not-an-ordinary-school-girl playing as the lead character, but which is the popular Cell-Phone Novel Author in Japan. While reading the manga itself, Lily was introduced to know of Cell Phone Novels and Light Novels and now starts her own Author Life by starting off her first novel XtimesX My Tainted or Pure Love For You.

If you want to know more of Lily's life, there are trivias, facts and information here!

Lily's Stories (And The Dates The Stories Were Added) Edit

XtimesX My Tainted or Pure Love For You (11/12/14)

A Battle Over A Thousand Blades (12/05/14)

My First Love (02/13/15)

Cell Cards (//15)

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