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Seira, shocked after hearing Ryuu's name, collapsed. Hana who was in daze, called Eri and Hiro to come (Seira's Parents), Eri (Seira's Mother), came only by herself and by her 2 bodyguards, Eri, first time coming to Seira's school, asked 2 male students on what building and class Seira is on. The 1st building on the right side is Seira's building, where she is, then said the class of where Seira is, 1-A. Eri, thanking the 2 male students, the students were in a daze of meeting and talking with her.

Eri went to 1-A, Seira's class, and gets her 2 bodyguards to pick her up and get her home, in the hallway, Eri asks for her cellphone in order to contact Hiro (Seira's Father), and when she did, Hiro was at a meeting, anyone who was in that meeting, over-heard Eri talking through the phone, and saw her through a video-call, which they had misunderstood that Eri wants to do 'it' with Hiro by taking off a day-off early in the afternoon, which was a huge mistake by the people on the meeting. Now, Eri explained why Hiro has to come to the mansion quickly, excluding the personal business they need to do.

Seira woke up at the mansion, realizing that she collapsed again due to using her powers too much, Eri took a reminder for Seira that she has to remember that she shouldn't excessively use her powers because it drain's up the human energy, the energy in order for your body to move and do things. Then after that, Hiro came into the living room where they are, saying that she should need a guardian and showed her a black gothic rabbit doll that she had with her since she was 4, and Hiro said that he will make a life onto the doll, but Seira was worried, that even if their servants knew that they could use magic, they could film a video to sell it to the internet, Hiro calmly took the win of making the doll live, and started casting magic.

A few seconds later, the doll itself became a male, having a navy blue hair, and an extraordinary handsome face, and was cast up in nude, seeing his body, Seira became embarrassed, blushing, also, the boy too, got embarrassed and starts to look for clothes, when Hiro finally gave him clothes, he didn't complain, but soon as he wears it, he complained, saying that why he became a butler of someone he doesn't know, but not too long after that, he was made to follow his father's order's, who is Hiro, Hiro said to him (The doll), that he should treat Hiro as a father, Eri as a mother and Seira as a sister in some way.

He refuses to treat Seira as a master and they both argued, saying that she is indeed beautiful but won't accept someone as his master until he has taken a 'liking', which means a friend, an acquaintance, and not someone who he hates, despises, loathes or some stranger. Seira went out of control, and showed Eri, Hiro and him some sides that was only seen when she was at her 'old' school, such as acting like a spoiled child, pouting and such, then, after a while, Eri permits that he can be an 'S' Butler, however, he is the very first one, and the only existing ones are regular maids, butlers and only 'S' maids. Then, Eri and Hiro left the room after, Seira and he was left alone, then he, the doll, asked that what is his name and starts calling Seira only by 'you', then Seira gave him a name, Ceru Aoi, 'Ceru', taken from Cerulean, and Aoi from Blue in Japanese.

Seira left because she wanted to cut off the weird atmosphere around them by making a coffee to give to Ceru, then a maid came to seduce him, a few minutes later, Seira returned and stopped the maid, Yua, then, another maid came, Yue, a sibling of Yua, both of them are 'S' maids, Yue yelled at Yua for leaving her cleaning duty to Yue herself, and Yua took the loss and got back to her duty, thus Seira introduced Ceru as he is an 'S' butler, which made Yue shocked, a while later, Yue muttered that she doesn't want an 'S' butler by Seira's side now, she left by thinking what Ceru can do as a butler of Seira, after all what happened, Seira later, gave powers to Ceru, giving him, 'Eyes of Vision' which can see through the future and past, even identify people, it has many uses, 'Eye of Hearts' which can see if a person likes someone, and every other ability making him a perfect one too, and as soon Seira was giving out powers, weird floating things that look like souls started to gather at Ceru. Then, Seira said to Ceru that he should try the 'Eye of Vision' to Seira, he used the path of the future which made him see Seira's future, there...

Seira and an unknown man were both talking to each other, Seira was mad meeting him and the man, was just happy to see Seira again, the man himself is young and very handsome, the same age as Seira, while the man was saying that he took years to find Seira, while Seira was really angry and tells him to go back to a girl named 'Mary', not too long before, Ceru stopped looking at her future, Seira left by having a smirk on her face saying to Ceru that something 'daring' will happen, Seira met Yue after, and chatted with her, Yue apologizes a while later by asking her questions which Yue rarely does, and by speaking rudely, Seira says that she can forgive them anytime, because both Yue and Yua are her best friend, Yue blushed which made Seira thought of Yue blushing in embarrassment, until she reached her room. Seira, in her own room, worries about Ceru not telling him where his room is, after it, Seira bought 2 stacks of piles of books and 3 notebooks, 4 books per stacks, a while later, Yua entered the room and bought Seira meals, Som Tam, and Seafood Paella, 2 of Seira's favorite foods.

Seira calculated her time by having her next schedule to read at 5:00PM, it was 3:00PM that time, then next time, scheduling her own time to read books again at 9:00-10:00PM, she at least needs to finish 16 chapters, or lessons, in short, 2 chapters equals 20 minutes of average reading so she needs 320 minutes = 5+ hours, Seira had free time until 5PM, so she took a little visit to the mansion's back garden. She took a look at a new flower, then a pink tulip caught her eye which Seira is thinking why is there such a flower blooming in their garden. (Tulips are said to be rare, but can be bought with a seed). Yua came to the back garden where Seira is, which made her shocked that she spends her time on other things besides studying.

Now, Seira asks what kind of flower is the ivory colored one which is actually a bouquet flower, the newest flower that Yua had seen and was thinking that Seira may take an interest in it, was a rainbow-colored petal flower, Yua didn't gave it a name yet and gave Seira the opportunity, she named it, 'Junsun de Osen sa Reta Niji', which is in English, the Pure and Tainted Rainbow, Yua asks why she named it like that and, thus, Seira made a story for the flower itself, and after Seira tells the story, a sad face came upon Seira's face.

The Story of the 'Junsun de Osen sa Reta Niji', by Seira.

"A beautiful maiden with a light rainbow colored hair, her hair was long until her feet, then she saw a handsome man... The maiden was bullied ever since from childhood, but she was nice and kind... People from town to town took care of her instead of her home, she was lost in the woods, but it seemed that man was the one who helped her through-out the forest, and took her journey to journey... It seemed that she fell in love, but that man has a wife... Before their promises, the man promised to adventure with the maiden, just both of them... But the man seemed to have broken both of their promise, then the maiden saw them by at the door of their house... Doing tainted things, the maiden who is pure... And the tainted wife of the man... She cried and cried, until she cried out the last of her tears, then a rainbow crystal seed fell instead of her last tear... Only one crystal seed existed. Though it may multiply in the future... Ever since that day, the man was looking for her but could not find her, he was thinking that this is the only village existed outside the forest, and countless villages far away that she was here, but no... He tried to look over and over again, but had no trace... The maiden who was pure, that crystal seed was also her body... Due to crying, a seed came out and sprouted, the wife was furious and ought to kill the maiden... Who was the one who suffered most than the two"

Chapter 3: The Prince

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Hey guys! Did you enjoy Chapter 2? Hope you do! The story of the Junsun de Osen sa Reta Niji is a bit too dramatic, now that I recall that story owo)...

I really think I made that story a little too dramatic ||=w=), I guess I can't change that now, unless it would be 'that day' again, I would make a little change to all of the chapters in XtimesX, a little maintenance for the story, correcting some grammars in the past, I would edit every wrong grammar in November 12, 2015, :3, the day and month that XtimesX was created in 2014. Maybe even changing the cover?

Well! I guess that's just it for the Author's Message!

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