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Seira Akiko is a girl gifted with many talents even beauty, however, due to many reasons why she wanted to transfer out of her old 'school', she transferred from school to school and leads her to the school called, 'Hoshi Tomi' Academy (Star Wealth Academy).

Hoshi Tomi Academy has an idol group named 'E.X.O.', both the male and female groups, twins by pairs. First, at the male group, the eldest people are Akira and Shii Yuki. The youngest people of the group are Ren and Gin Yuki, with the gap of 1 year from the eldest people of the group. Separating the male and female group, the 'E.X.O.' group contains 4 members of each gender.

The Academy itself also has 3 buildings, from the front gate view, the right building is the 1st building, the left building is the 2nd building, the 3rd building is at the middle. Seira has been assigned to 1-A which is at the first building. When Seira got herself an introduction, it caught all the eyes of the students in the classroom, inside 1-A, including the 'E.X.O.', some time later, Ren took the first move to talk to Seira, which made some students angry at Ren.

A while later, a blond-haired teacher went into the room and asked who is the transfer student, it was Seira, thus he quickly made a proposal with Seira, Seira refused and said that she has someone she loves but was rejected, the blond-haired teacher gave up and gave Seira a page to read in English instead, to forget that he was rejected by a person younger than him. Even by refusing by his looks. Not too long after, the teacher himself had a nosebleed because of Seira's beautiful voice of English translation. Students worrying over the teacher, another teacher came to the room, named Kuro, and took Kira, the blond-haired teacher to the infirmary. Then, after Kuro took Kira out of the room, 3 classmates of Seira that are girls were enchanted by the twin teacher's beauty.

Seira asking what happened crazily to the 3 to Shii, Shii answered, however, when he was answering Seira's question, he was unsteady, he feels that he is hated by guys because of the reason Seira is asking Shii. Shii introduced himself after, thus, Gin popped up and shoved Shii away, making himself an introduction to Seira, who said that Gin and Ren look alike, then telling her that all prince's are related by blood, and they are twins by pairs, now Gin asks if Seira has a sibling which made Seira stiff, and recalled her past memories she had. Seira hates her sister and her sister's friend, Mary. Gladly, Gin snapped Seira out of her nightmare, thus, Seira took an excuse by going to the Women's Comfort Room.

It was only 2 minutes that she spent in the Comfort Room and tries to hurriedly go back before their next teacher arrives, in the hall way, Seira met some relative of hers, an auntie named Hana Schwertz, and they talked to each other about Seira's past a bit, until they finally went to 1-A. Seira's classmates were surprised that 'Tora-sensei' (Tiger-sensei) was with the popular Seira. Seira asked why Hana's name was like that, and one student answered her question...

Hana, as Tora-sensei beat up a boy in Grade 3 Elementary, the boy himself had crimson hair and an extremely handsome and beautiful person, due to his beauty that surpassed all the boys, every boy in class ignored him, then Tora-sensei called out to him and asked why he would do 'that' and she was mad, by eavesdropping to their conversation, Seira, then asked what was the boys name, the student said, it was Ryuu, after hearing that, Seira was shocked herself...

Chapter 2: The 'S' Butler & Seira's Future

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Hey guys! Hoped you enjoyed seeing the short summary of Chapter 1! ^w^)> The male protagonist of the series haven't appeared himself in Chapter 1 YET. He would appear later in the series! Although, who is the male protagonist? >w<)? Well! That leaves to my decision!

I'm currently thinking that, there would be about 10 different guys that would have a liking to Seira... What's your decision on who would be Seira's partner? Let's decide it with a poll! (The poll can be found at XtimesX My Tainted or Pure Love For You ) Although! The one who receives the HIGHEST poll rankings would spend much time to be with Seira, rather than the other male characters! If THAT male character is my male protagonist planned for the series, well? Who knows what will happen to Seira? ฅ(*°ω°*ฅ) Everything is decided by me of course.

No, maybe not just 10, I think we should beat the series 'To Love Ru' Female Harem leading by the male protagonist, right~? o>A<)o Maybe we should. I'm currently thinking how we could even make the story have interesting events! Welp, whatever =w=)...

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